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Magic Vision Sunglasses 3 in 1



  • Pack of 3
  • Multicolor
  • Plastic
  • Magic Vision
  • Motorbike Goggles
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Buy Magic Day & Night HD Vision Goggles 3 in 1 in Pakistan

The Telebrands Magic Vision Glasses is another idea in the field of vision glasses. The essential motivation behind these glasses is to give satisfactory help to the wearer paying little mind to the day and night. These glasses really accompany a 3 in 1 pack that incorporates the straightforward focal points. This focal point can be utilized to shield the eyes of the wearer from any remote material as tidy, soil or little particles. Clients can wear the straightforward focal point all the time as it doesn’t influence the ordinary visual perception of the client. Moreover, the unmistakable focal point peruses content from the few electronic gadgets as ATM machines, tablets, cell phones et cetera.

The Telebrands Magic Vision Glasses is joined by two unique focal points as the energized focal point and the Amber focal point. We will talk about the advantages of both the focal points in detail. The enraptured focal points are the much enhanced type of the customary polluted sunglasses. In addition, these kinds of sunglasses have increased huge measure of thankfulness and ubiquity over different sunglasses on account of their particular highlights. With regards to benefits, at that point there are incalculable advantages of the energized focal points. These glasses are intended for each one of those people who attached to investing quite a bit of their energy in open air exercises.

One of the primary reasons for the captivated glasses is that it shields the eye of the clients from perilous UV sun beams. Dissimilar to the conventional glasses, the energized focal points can channel the reflected and scattered light from the source. For example, these sorts of focal points keep up most elevated conceivable lucidity against restricting lights of assorted types. Besides, these focal points can likewise more security to people who have ultra light delicate eyes and it can likewise furnish help to all patients with post surgery conditions. These sorts of focal points are frequently utilized by the carrier pilots to shield themselves from the impression of the metal parts of the plane.

The discoveries of the current research report additionally uncovered that the energized focal points can ingest over 95% of the glare beginning from a few intelligent surfaces as the water, snow and street surface. Thus, these kinds of focal points would fill the need for which they intended for. Next we will towards the Amber focal points. The essential reason for this focal point is to expand the definition and lucidity in daytime with less daylight. The other motivation behind this focal point is to altogether diminish the sudden glare that could cause brief visual impairment now and again.

The Telebrands Magic Vision Glasses has effective attractive edges quickly and solidly hold the specific focal point in a place. Every one of the clients can without much of a stretch change the focal point inside seconds. The Telebrands Magic Vision Glasses can be bought only from the official organization of Telebrands Pakistan. All the intrigued clients can call at 0324-6000335 to put in a request.

How to utilize the Telebrands Magic Vision Glasses?

The utilization of the glasses is extremely basic and can be clarified in the accompanying advances:

You simply need to wear it like the common glasses of sunglasses.

Keeping in mind the end goal to mount the extra golden focal point or captivated focal point, hold the specific focal point close to the attractive edge and the attractive edge will naturally draws in the glasses quickly.

You can likewise evacuate the extra focal points by a delicate push.

Extra Specifications of the Telebrands Magic Vision Glasses:

Tri-shading multipurpose magic glasses

New and shrewd outline

Shade of focal points: Transparent, Amber and Dark Blue

Casing is outfitted with a solid attractive focal points

Specialized Specifications of the Telebrands Magic Vision Glasses:

Covering: Anti-reflection

Optical Attribute of Lenses: Polarized

Sex: Unisex

Primary Function: Discoloration

Shade of Lenses: Transparent, yellow and blue

Style: Semi-Square

Sort of Frame: Full Frame

Measurements of Product: 9.45 x 6.50 x 2.37 Inches (Length x Width x Height)

What is incorporated into the Package of Telebrands Magic Vision Glasses?

  • 1 x Main Magnet Frame
  • 1 x Built-in Transparent Lens
  • 1 x Switchable Amber Len
  • 1 x Switchable Polarized Lens
  • 1 x Carrying Pouch/Traveling Pouch


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 24 x 16.51 x 6.01 cm

Blue, White, Yellow


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