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Infrared Foot Massager

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  • The sole large vibration moxibustion heat from fingers until the heel.
  • The vibration intensity infinitely variable, adjustable.
  • Vibration protruding parts of the surface of the particulate out stimulus local communities, through the meridians.
  • When using vibration, magnetic therapy, hyperthermia either a triple, can be used alone, arbitrary choice.
  • Rated voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz frequency
  • Total input power 3W
  • Amplitude ± 2.0mm hot temperature over 40 °
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Brief Introduction of 220V moving Infrared Fran Foot physical advisor with Heat Telebrand

Direction: This Product may well be a treatment, attractive restorative guide, vibration knead at A natural entire, Telebrand Pakistan have a vibration rub at A natural entire, have the vibration power of vastly factor speed perform of the late item, is that the best foot mind consultants.Often rush back rub bottom reflection house, advance the new supersedes the past, Telebrand shopping Pakistan the course of the blood, mitigate neuropathic torment, dispose of muscle weariness, controlling ki and nutritious blood, be loaded with go, modify the inward organs perform, upgrade insusceptibility perform, can accomplish the effect of wellbeing care.Features The bottoms of the feet of huge zone vibration moxibustion, from the fingers till the curve. Telebrand items in Pakistan. Vibration force Wuji speed, adjustable.Telebrand. Infrared Foot Massager in Pakistan Vibration parts of the surface projecting granular fortify underside radiation zone, actuating insurances. when exploitation vibration, the physiological state is additionally three for one and ought to be utilized alone optional decision. The roller vogue each intelligent district back rub to invigorate the bottoms of the feet circular. Far-infrared warmth performs to build insusceptibility and enhance digestion and blood dissemination. Telebrand in Pakistan. Infrared Foot Massager in Pakistan

Infrared Foot Massager in Pakistan Infrared Foot Massager in Pakistan



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